Jul 16, 2020
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Far Out To Where We Were Then

It's been some time. Endings and beginnings. Figuring it out. I made the move down the west coast to the state of California with every intention of staying. The combination of both love and distance said go back, and so I did. We did. Two earthquakes, and a spectacular fireworks show courtesy of the city of Los Angeles, to send us on our way. At the state line of Oregon we pulled the car over, and threw our apartment keys back into California. See you never. I was back in the state of Washington. Home. I said to my son a few days ago, that after more moves than I myself can count, I feel where I am finally forever home. It is a feeling and security I have longed for my whole life. I move slower than I used to. I am more productive, and less anxious. Since the new year I have written six full length albums, and am in the middle of writing my seventh. There is no telling as to when I will get around to recording them. Soon. I tuned out, and turned off. Quit social media. Grew a deeper appreciation for both silence, and the tangible. Investing my time in being aware of senses, emotions, and thoughts. Listening to music. I mean really listening to music. Looking, and just taking it all in as if watching a film. As if never seeing a mountain or body of water before. Missing Richard. Everyday feeling the loss, and wondering how long does one grieve for exactly? What would he think of these songs, photos, or current day? What a very strange and complicated journey to be on. "One day at a time sweet Jesus."

I hope to be in touch more through this website with news, and the liking. More soon. - Damien