Jan 9


TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE SON _______________ I have started a series of music posts on my Tumblr page taken from the Maraqopa Records Soundcloud, titled "TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE SON". A good portion of the demos were recorded from my years working with Richard Swift (2009 - 2016). I considered putting this out on a physical format, but opted for streaming instead. I hope that you will enjoy.



Jan 5


LEAVING SPOTIFY _______________ MARAQOPA RECORDS has made the decision to leave Spotify. WHY? answer: I simply cannot continue to support or align myself with a corporation who continues to profit off of the musicians it refuses to pay a fair and decent wage. I have requested the action of my removal immediately. My principles must align with the life I live. Just as the personal decisions I make when it comes to both the environment, and animal welfare. This to me is no different. Keep in mind that it is only Spotify that I am removing my music from. Platforms such as Tidal, Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc. will stay in place. Understand that I am in no way, shape or form, anti streaming. I accept reality. I however do not accept unacceptable business practices, and unfair treatment of artists. A big thank you to Red Eye Distrobution for their continued support. AMEN and / Amen