An Album Announcement

I will be the first to admit that I am not the worlds most patient person. I have been known to drive to a different restaurant to avoid a line of people and will go grocery shopping late at night just to miss the crowds. While, the above is true, I also know that some of the best things can come from being anticipation and patience. Currently we live in a culture that doesn’t foster either of those things. All life has to offer is just one click away.

In May I will be releasing my 13th full length album, The Horizon Just Laughed via Secretly Canadian. From the beginning I have approached this album differently than those in the past. I snuck away to record it without anyone knowing. I sat in the producers seat for the first time in years, where I followed creativity’s every turn. It was fulfilling to watch the things come to life before me with the help of some talented friends. I am so very proud of this album and I can’t wait to share it with all of you.

With the past few releases, I have observed and watched how the industry has changed and made note of the part I am playing in it. Much of it is changing in a way that I believe is killing the very industry itself. So I wanted to be intentional with this album, even if it that means that I am going against the grain.

When I was young music took effort and risk. It had to be sought out. The was a number of times I would bring home an album that I didn’t like upon the first listen. But, I would continue to listen to it, because I had spent my time and money to acquire it. It wasn’t just the music that I pined, the artwork for the album had as much weight as the melodies and the journey of what it took to get it and finally acquiring it also had importance. Because of my effort, I was invested and because I was invested, I cared.

Currently we live in a day in age that requires very little investment to consume. We often don’t even have to leave the comforts of our own sofa to get what we want. We pay memberships to services that foster a false type of consumption and are destroying industries, yet we willingly participate.

Now, the point of this isn’t for me to tell you how you should consume music. We all have our own convictions and values to respond to. That said, what I can do is make choices that are a reflection of my own values. One of those ways is to help foster opportunities for people to hear it in a way that it was created to be heard, from front to back in its entirety.

So, in April some friends of mine are graciously hosting Listening Parties in various locations. Fans, community and the press are invited to come and experience something for the first time, together. From there, all pre-orders will be sent out to customers weeks prior to release date. I want to honor the fans that make the effort to buy physical music. Once the album is released, it will be kept off of all streaming services until July. This is not a slam to streaming services, I am grateful for their part in getting my music out. However, the move is intentional. I want everyone to be a part of getting to hear this album and in the end, everyone will have the opportunity to in the way that works best for them. Until then it will take a bit of patience and hopefully some anticipation on your part.

I appreciate each and everyone of you for your support and investments that allow me to do what I have been called to. The blessing is not lost on me that I get to do this for a living, and without each and every one of you, fans, press, industry mates, I couldn’t do this. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And, thank you ahead of time for your supporting me as I choose to go about things a little differently. Hopefully in the end, you will find it worth your wait.


Damien Jurado

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